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  1. You must have your own wapsite
  2. Do not promote ads in blank page.
  3. Do not force any one to click your ads.
  4. We count hits from personal wapsite not from facebook, wapka forum, twitter etc. If we getting hits from facebook , twitter etc. then your account may be block.
  5. This service is provided free of cost. We reserve full rights to change, delete or add any thing including user accounts.
  6. Creating More Then One Account Is Strongly Prohibited.
  7. You Can't Add A Site If You Are Not The Owner
  8. Select The Appropriate Type & Category For Sites, Selecting Wrong Type For Sites Leads Your Account Blocking
  9. *Put our adcode top of all other company adcode
  10. *Clicking Your Own Advertisements Leads Your Account Blocking
  11. *9ads is a mobile network so your traffic should be 30% mobile traffic
  12. If We Don't Find 9ads Ads On Your Site or Today Click:0, Payment Will Not Be Complete
  13. In case we find that your site is against our rules we reserve your account at any time without warning or notice.
  14. If you cheated this site then you will loss your account at any time mostly at Payment Time.
  15. You just have to paste our banner and text link in your site, Don't try to modified them like iframe , popups etc.
  16. Please Check Invoice Details & Complain About Any Problem Within 24 Hours
  17. If you not read this condition carefully then you may loss your account.
  18. Thanks for giving time to read this condition, now enjoy unlimited earning.
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